Topeka IrishFest provides delicious homemade authentic Irish cuisine along with Blind Tiger Craft Beer!

Banger & Mash

“Tastiest dish in town!” claims those that enjoyed last year! A banger is a delicious pork based sausage popular across the UK.  Grilled and sliced, your Banger is then served over a base of Colcannon with a rich onion gravy!

An IrishFest Original – Patty’s Pocket

Corned beef and a mild Sauerkraut fulfill your need for “Corned Beef and Cabbage” today!  Blended with Swiss Cheese and lightly seasoned to give you what we like to call a “Walking Reuben”!

Banger On A Bun

Our delicious Banger simply put on a split bun.  Dress it any way you like from our condiment table. Enjoy!

A St. Patrick’s Day Tradition – Irish Stew

Our savory take on Irish Stew is sure to please. Ladled over “Colcannon”, a seasoned potato and cabbage base, the delight of this dish will warm even the “coolest” of Irishmen!

O’Brien’s Burger

1/4 pound All-Beef Hamburger on a bun.  Flame grilled to seal in the juices.  Help yourself to the      condiment table.

Hagen’s Hotdog

For the lighter appetite, nothing is better than an All-Beef Frank on a bun.  Grilled to perfection. they’re sure to please.

IrishFest Proudly Serves Blind Tiger Craft Brews

Topeka IrishFest is proud to partner with Blind Tiger Brewery for our celebration. Join us for an ice cold Blarney Irish Ale, Capital City Kolsch, Maibock, or Top City IPA all brewed locally here in Topeka, KS.

Topeka IrishFest Must Have – Irish Coffee

A delicious caffeinated coffee drink combined with smooth Irish whiskey and topped with cream. Typically this Irish must is served warm but have you tried an Iced Irish Coffee? Get down to Topeka IrishFest and try one, you will not be disappointed!

Budweiser and Bud Light

If craft beer and Irish coffee are just not your thing, no worries, we have a variety of Budweiser products available as well! Cheers!